Play Microgaming Casinos for Real Money

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When you game with Microgaming Casinos, the internet’s very first gambling house, you can easily turn a few bills into an entire stack. We offer more than 600 titles, all of which are built on the now-world-famous Viper casino software.

Viper’s “Expert Mode” allows gamblers to supplement their natural gaming skills and instincts with data from their own gambling history, because an informed gamer is a profitable gamer.

Players can choose between playing on their mobile phones, the browser via flash instant format or downloading software which provides a singular casino experience. Rest assured there is something for everyone – we have a discerning clientele who play the best games for superior prizes.

Real Cash Deposit Methods and Fees

Real money online casinos by Microgaming offer many deposit methods so you can charge up your account and start gaming immediately. Every transaction is secure. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about protecting your hard-earned cash. They offer eWallet, wire or internet banking transfers.

eWallet transactions are increasingly popular because they allow you to start quickly, and permit small deposit amounts. However, the maximum deposit amount for the way is often low.

Wire transfers are the preferred method for big-money gamers because they allow large deposits and withdrawals, and relatively low fees. But this payment option can take a long time to process.

Finally, internet banking services are a favorable way to start with a large stake, but you may incur large fees from your bank, and they may take a long time to process.

Play for Real – Make Safe Deposit

Popular Australian eWallets

Brands from software support a number of the most popular Australian eWallets. No need to hunt down credit cards or carry anything else. Simply use the method of your choice, whether it’s Skrill, Paysafe, Click2Pay, or another service.

eWallets promise safe, securely-encrypted transactions, and a seamless gaming experience. In most cases they allow you to play immediately, without waiting for a purchase to clear. The payment method also supports smaller deposit amounts, than wire transfers or internet banking.

Although, some options of a kind puts a hard cap on the maximum replenishment. If you’re hoping to play with large amounts you may want to use a different banking option.

Wire Transfers

Microgaming online casinos utilize bank wire transfers as a simple, easy way to move money into and out of your gaming account. Such a method is the preferred deposit method for gamers looking to play with high deposits and make equally high withdrawals.

And still, wire transfers may take a significant amount of time to process, which may not work for gamers looking to play immediately, or to quickly withdraw their money. Gamers using this way to bank may also incur a small fee for using the service, but it’s usually less than internet banking.

Internet-banking Services

Casinos allow for secure, encrypted transfers between your online gaming account and internet banking services. Microgaming offers 24/7 technical support for your transactions, including live chat with employees-representatives to ensure your banking process is a smooth one.

Internet banking services offered by the software provider permit high deposit amounts, and have the added benefit of being filed down through your bank’s secure network. However, your bank may charge high fees for the service, and this one is generally the slowest of all payment methods.

Enjoy Gambling – Withdraw Cash Won Fast

Payout Percentages and Withdrawal

Microgaming offers the most competitive rates for payouts in the entire industry. Casinos on the platform took the top three spots on “Best Payout Casinos,” and in total had six online casinos finishing in the top ten. Not only that, but these gambling houses (like “Crazy Vegas” and “Jackpot City”) offer rival payout percentages, sign-up bonuses and deposit matches.

Such slots like “Carnaval” and “Big Top” offer payout of 96.94%, while “Hot Ink” and “Extreme Heat” has astonishing 97.50%! There is also feature as progressive jackpots with prizes that can be well over $1 million. 20 different titles are connected across the group’s progressive jackpot network, meaning anywhere you play you can be in line for a seven-figure payday!

Reverse Withdrawal

Casinos powered by the company are a success story 20 years in the making. That headway has come not only from delivering a valuable, one-of-a-kind product for our gamers, but also listening to the suggestions of the real players. Now, they have responded to gamblers’ demands by offering reverse withdrawals.

When you’re ready to cash out your gains they’ll give you one more chance to win again with this handy feature. Your hot streak may not be over! If you’ve been lucky, the reverse withdrawal can be your saving grace to continue your winning set. Reverse withdrawings are just one facet of a complete suite of gaming resources we offer our clients.

Real Money Bonuses For New Games

Microgaming casinos offer No Deposit Bonus as a way for new players to play free of charge. You can start playing without staking a dollar of your own money, and you can simply continue gaming with the initial credits you’ve won.

Also there is a first-deposit bonus to supplement your initial replenishment. Such promotion is a sign-up bonus that increases the power of your dollar by matching it up to a certain percentage (usually 100% to 300%), or to a capped dollar amount. For example, an initial investment of $AUS100 matched at 100% means you’d start with a deposit of $AUS200.